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Affordability for All

From GP website In staying close to home during the pandemic, it’s been much easier to see the strength of our communities and the areas that need reinforcement. Local food, public transit, green spaces – these are systems and institutions that carry our communities forward through crises. Canadians want more food security and energy security. With the proper investment post-COVID, especially for municipalities, we can rely on these necessities for years to come.

Brave, Bold, Climate ACTION

From GP website As demand for oil and gas plummeted during the pandemic, renewable energy was able to grow. This is a signal rising above the noise. The days of fossil fuels are nearly done. We need a planned and orderly retreat from fossil fuels to ensure workers and communities are part of a just transition. All future public investments must be consistent with climate goals. We need to value the contribution of all Canadians who depend on this fossil fuel industry and invest in people as we move to a sustainable energy future.

Make Your Vote Count

From GP Press release “Canada is among the very last free and prosperous countries in the world still using the outdated first-past-the-post voting system,” said Ms. May. “We need to change immediately to proportional representation, a system that translates all votes into representation in parliament and doesn’t classify more than half the electorate as losers unworthy of representation.”

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